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Advanced Training Courses

Scientific and Educational Center of Cyber Physical Systems of the George Pukhov Institute for Energy Modelling of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine organizes, administers and conducts advanced training courses in the form of seminars and trainings for all interested enterprises and individuals, within which students have the opportunity to increase the level of their professionalism.

The term of study at the courses is determined depending on the purpose and content of the training and is determined by the curriculum.

The curriculum focuses on improving the knowledge and practical skills of the students, developed taking into account the demand of the labor market in such educational services and the needs of specialists in certain knowledge and competencies.

Courses are conducted in the following directions:

  • Practical aspects of creating a Comprehensive Information Security System (CISS) and conducting its state expertise.
  • Fundamentals for the establishment and implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) at the enterprise.
  • Information support for scientific research.
  • Research support: from patenting to commercialization.

Students receive a certificate of passing the corresponding course upon completion of the courses.